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Spinal Awareness is a way of learning, not a therapy or treatment. It is taught with Individual Hands-on sessions and group classes.
Feldenkrais® Healing
Moshe Feldenkrais created a very unusual method of movement and touch. His methods are based on the movements we learned as infants that enabled us to roll, crawl, stand, and walk.
Heal with Awareness
Organizing the multitude of muscles and bones of the body into a coordinated movement is no small task. The nervous system has this job, sending messages with nervous impulses to the various muscles,..

Most People, No Matter How Challenged, Can Improve.


From a Spinal Awareness view we can approach persons suffering from this and many other neurological disorders. We look at the limitations in the mind and body as confusions in the nervous system's ability to function. This becomes part of a condition in which the skeleton becomes malformed and the muscles not working as they could.
teaching with touch
By using the educational approaches of Spinal Awareness, the nervous system of the afflicted individual can be taught to begin to correct itself. With time, movements can often be regained. As the use of the body is improved, the deformities in the musculature and skeleton can begin to heal.

An example is illustrated in the following case history.

Patrick was asked to help a 13-year old Balinese boy with Cerebral Palsy a few years ago. When the boy was first met, his condition was very severe. His whole body pulsed with spasms. He could not use his hands, roll on his side, sit-up, whatever. His legs were deformed and stuck together, his knees black, and his feet not correctly on the end of his legs and black with poor circulation.

His one blessing was his attitude, a happy, sensitive face, and his unique inner essence.

Within the first seven or eight hands-on hour sessions, he regained the use of his hands, learned to roll side to side, sit-up, and push his wheelchair. He could feed, wash, move about and began a marvelous transformation.
miracle  balinese healing
Miracle? When the confusion in his nervous system was reeducated to eliminate the destructive spasms, he could relearn the use of his body.

Continuing with weekly sessions for various periods of time over 3 years, he today has an upper body that looks like an athlete. His legs are normal color, his feet almost aligned on the end of his legs, and he can crawl separating his knees. He is being tutored in addition and has learned to read and write. One of the special persons who encouraged Patrick to help this young man, is now teaching him art as well.

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