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Carpal Tunnel Pain
With Spinal and Skeletal Awareness, we learn that the pain problems in the wrist are reflected in tightness in the shoulders, stiffness in the whole spine, tension in the hips, holding in the chest and throughout the entire self.
Healing Touch
With touch the process of improvement can be speeded up tremendously. With soft, sensitive touch Spinal Awareness has the focus initially around the spinal column. This work is painless, pleasant with never the attempt to push, stretch, crack, break-up, or otherwise manipulate the spine.
Lower Back Pain
In the mind's eye of the average person, there is little or no Spinal Awareness of this region;The movement, partner, and touch lessons experienced in Spinal Awareness programs help you learn how to use yourself in new ways that improve the condition of your lower back.

Workshops Where You Have Fun and Improve.


Spinal Awareness is a way of learning, not a therapy or treatment. It is taught with Individual Hands-on sessions and group classes. It is not a replacement for medical treatment but an additional resource for those persons wishing to further improve themselves.
healing touch
Spinal Awareness is not just another exercise system. The movements presented in Spinal Awareness, though important, are the tools to help you understand what led to your problems and what you can do to improve yourself. This is self-help method in which it is important for you to learn exactly what you can do to grow and heal you. Spinal Awareness relies on the belief that you can improve your health and healing ability if you understand what is going on in your body.

We are meant to be aware of our spines and the rest of our skeleton.
healing hands for all
Spinal Awareness places its focus on what you are doing. It places prime responsibility for improvement on you, not to a third party. This approach empowers you, enabling you to begin to find away not to be victimized by the chronic pain and tension that reduces the quality of your life.

You still have to do the movements and learn to experience your body in a new way. If you are passive and do not take an active part in the process, you may spend the rest of your life with problems that can be actually improved and often prevented.

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