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Shoulder Pain
Difficulties with shoulder pain need to be considered in reference to the spine. If the vertebrae of the upper spine are twisted, or compressed together, pain can reflect in the shoulder.
Neck Pain
For many people, the neck is an area of considerable trouble either being in pain or stiff. Composed of the smallest of the spinal vertebrae, the neck is one of the most vulnerable areas of our body.
Healing Touch
With soft, sensitive touch Spinal Awareness has the focus initially around the spinal column. This work is painless, pleasant with never the attempt to push, stretch, crack, break-up, or otherwise manipulate the spine.
Learn What You Can Do To Improve.

healing elbow The techniques you experience in Spinal Awareness Workshops and Trainings enable most people to greatly improve the use of their elbows. Your elbow pain and movement can immediately be much better. The movements, partner lessons, and touch sessions stimulate the Skeletal Systems of your body to increase their connections with your muscles, nerves, and deeper energies.

The part of us that is involved with our own healing is stimulated with the gentle, non-painful approaches of Spinal Awareness Programs. You are helped to learn how to connect with this learning and healing part of yourselves in order to help your elbow pain.

For your elbow to hurt, your shoulder, spinal column, chest, hip, the whole body are involved. The shoulder tightens, the upper spine becomes disorganized and compressed, the chest twists, the hip tightens, and so on.

To improve the elbow, your shoulder needs to ease-up, the spine needs to lengthen and reorganize, the chest needs to soften, the hip joints relax, the entire body needs to adjust to a new configuration.

In Spinal Awareness Programs you immediately begin to relax and begin to heal elbow pain with this fun, playful method.

If we are to just focus on the elbow itself, without considering what is involved in the rest of the body, the possibilities to improve are limited and painful. With Spinal Awareness Workshops and Trainings you are learning about and improving the function and organization of your whole body. You begin to improve and allow your pain in your elbow to heal.

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