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Spinal Awareness is a way of learning, not a therapy or treatment. It is taught with Individual Hands-on sessions and group classes.
Sciatic Pain
Sciatica is an example of a condition that often involves the disorganization and compression of the lower spine. By working with the whole body, getting it to relax and the skeleton to reorganize, this condition will often begin to heal.
Shoulder Pain
Difficulties with shoulder pain need to be considered in reference to the spine. If the vertebrae of the upper spine are twisted, or compressed together, pain can reflect in the shoulder.

The True Wilderness...The Healing Center


Esalen Institute was created in the early 60's as a place to explore and promote alternative methods of experiencing our human potential. Located on the spectacular cliffs over the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur, California, Esalen has the added blessing of having the only developed natural hot springs baths on the Pacific Coast.

Esalen is a very unusual healing environment. The great natural magic of its land is mixed with a ever-changing schedule of workshops. Esalen at any one time has numerous workshops occurring simultaneously. Movement, massage, yoga, emotional, therapeutic, art, dance, writing, philosophic ...Esalen still is a major facility for the learning and promotion of new and exciting ways of helping human beings.

The Esalen Massage and Bodywork practitioners are world-famous bringing their touch and their teachings throughout the world.

Spinal Awareness.com's Patrick Douce has worked with Esalen Institute since 1972. He teaches seminars there as one of Esalen's long-term teachers.

For more information on Esalen link to its web site:


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