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Shoulder Pain
Difficulties with shoulder pain need to be considered in reference to the spine. If the vertebrae of the upper spine are twisted, or compressed together, pain can reflect in the shoulder.
Remember Your Bones
On this material plane, it is the skeleton, the hard, bony substance inside us, that enables us to hold ourselves up in the gravity field of the planet Earth.
Sciatica is an example of a pain condition that often involves the disorganization and compression of the lower spine. By working with the whole body, getting it to relax and the skeleton to reorganize, this condition will often begin to heal.
Learning This Master's Moves Heals You.

Moshe Feldenkrais created a very unusual method of movement and touch. His Feldenkrais Movement® is based on the movements we learned as infants that enabled us to roll, crawl, stand, and walk. They also involve the most complex movements humanly possible.

Dr_Moshe_FeldenkraisDr. Feldenkrais learned Judo from its creator Jigoro Kano. While he earned his Doctorate in Physics, he assisted Frederic Joliot-Curie in the research that led to the Nobel Prize in Physics. Continuing to study with some of the most famous minds of the last century, Moshe Feldenkrais genius led to one of the most important systems of human learning and potential.

Moshe Feldenkrais has a way of viewing our bodies quite different than many others. Emphasis is placed on awareness, on doing less and sensing and feeling more.

His work is a benefit to every person. For the fit, it offers new ways of improving oneself. For those people suffering from acute and or chronic tension, stress, and pain it provides a way of moving away from these problems.

The Feldenkrais Method® is extremely effective with many severe neurological injuries and diseases. By focusing on reeducating the nervous system by touch and movement techniques, Moshe Feldenkrais often performed miraculous improvements even in the most injured cases.

In his 1977 Professional Training in San Francisco, Moshe Feldenrais taught 3 interrelated systems:
Awareness through Movement®

Functional Integration®

Human Sexual Functioning
Awareness through Movement® is his movement system known world-wide as Feldenkrais Movement®.
Feldenkrais training in San Francisco 1977
Functional Integration® is his hand-on, touch approach.

His 3rd approach involving Human Sexual Functioning he did not emphasize except in his Second Professional Training in San Francisco. He did not want to known as a sex therapist or teacher.

The Feldenkrais Method® includes Awareness through Movement® and Functional Integration® in its teachings.

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