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Remember Your Bones
Skeletal Awareness is a way of getting in touch with an important part of ourselves, our Skeleton...If we become aware of our bones, we can find ways of moving to reduce tension and stress. Spinal Awareness programs teach you how to improve many acute and long-term conditions.
Whiplash Pain
Spinal Awareness is designed to allow the victim of a whiplash pain to begin to find ways of relieving this tightening and compensation in their body. The Individual Sessions remind the muscles of the body begin to relax, to lengthen.
Carpal Tunnel Pain
With Spinal and Skeletal Awareness, we learn that the pain problems in the wrist are reflected in tightness in the shoulders, stiffness in the whole spine, tension in the hips, holding in the chest and throughout the entire self.

Relieve Foot Pain By Learning Spinal Awareness.


Using the tools Spinal Awareness Programs, we approach your ankle and foot pain by improving your whole body. By stimulating your back, chest, shoulders, hips, arms, and legs to relax and change, it is possible for the bones of your foot to realign and find their correct organization. With this, your soft tissues are free to heal. Your foot can soon work smoothly without any foot or ankle pain. healing foot pain

In the same way that the bones of the hand can move out of place and cause problems of pain and loss of movement, so can those of the foot. If the bones of our foot move out even a small amount, the tissues are caught between and the pain can be quite sharp. Very often, this is not diagnosed correctly. If it is, there is little that many do except to design some type of lift for our shoe for our foot pain.

In a Sprained Ankle, not only is the tissue injured, but the bones of the foot are often put out of alignment as well. This slows down the healing tremendously. With the healing, this poor arrangement of the bones of the foot with the whole body creates a situation where the ankle can be sprained repeatedly.

The Heel can and does move out of alignment. This condition can be diagnosed many ways. With the touch and movement techniques of Spinal and Skeletal Awareness Workshops, the heel can be realigned with the rest of the body and the ankle and foot pain will begin to improve.


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