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For many people, the neck is an area of considerable trouble either being in pain or stiff. Composed of the smallest of the spinal vertebrae, the neck is one of the most vulnerable areas of our body.
Healing Touch
With soft, sensitive touch Spinal Awareness has the focus initially around the spinal column. This work is painless, pleasant with never the attempt to push, stretch, crack, break-up, or otherwise manipulate the spine.
With Spinal Awareness Programs, the muscles of our body relax, our breath becomes easier, and our skeleton's ease of movement increases.. we can begin to balance the negative effects of stress. The movement, touch and group experiences of Spinal Awareness are nourishing and fun

Headache Pain Can Often Improve Quickly.


help for headachesSpinal Awareness Workshops and Training can help you improve many types of headache pain. The Programs are fun, enlivening, and teach you how to help yourself prevent further pain. Headaches can result from a multitude of conditions often involving a misalignment of your skeleton, the overworking of your muscles, and the breaking of the flow of natural energy in your body.

The pain in the head is often radiating into the neck. The neck as part of the Spinal Column leads us directly to Spinal Awareness as an answer to assist here.

Our whole body is completely interconnected. We are not a series of parts. A pain in the head is reflected in our neck, shoulders, chest, back, hips, abdomen, arms, legs, hands, and feet. By working with the whole of our body we can provide an opportunity for ourselves improve and heal our pain.

In Spinal Awareness we work to stimulate the Spine and include touching the muscles, bones, and other tissues of the skull. As the whole body relaxes, the skull will as well. Skeletal Awareness brings focus on relaxing the jaw, shoulders, hips, and whatever to assist. Many times the headache pain can diminish or leave altogether.


Please note: Always seek the advice of your doctor when long-term headache pain conditions are present.

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