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In the movement parts of the techniques, partner lessons expand the awareness and sensitivities of each participant. A safe field is encouraged and created within the group which supports learning, freedom of movement, and healing.
Silat movements strengthen the physical body. They also stimulate and improve the energetic aspects of personal health. The Silat movements are very beautiful and often take on the inspiration of nature.
Carpal Tunnel Pain
With Spinal and Skeletal Awareness, we learn that the problems in the wrist pain are reflected in tightness in the shoulders, stiffness in the whole spine, tension in the hips, holding in the chest and throughout the entire self.

Your Body Can Move To Health.


We are meant to move. Our bodies need certain movements to adjust, balance, and tune themselves.

In Spinal Awareness we use movement. The movements are based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, Chinese-Indonesian Martial Art, The Esalen Experience, and continue to evolve.
balance movement  for health These movements are quite different than normal exercises. They emphasize learning how to move in ways that stimulate your awareness of your own body. They involve learning to use the floor to organize and integrate your own spinal column. Standing lessons lead to a new awareness of ways to move with better balance and fluidity.

They empower you as they teach you Spinal and Skeletal Awareness allowing you to begin to learn how to take control over your own skeleton to move better and with less discomfort.

The movements also involve working with partners. These touch aspects of movement greatly speed-up the learning and are also quite fun.

The movement sessions can be quite energizing while being relaxing as well.

Spinal Awareness is presented specific to the needs of each participant. It can be of use by persons of almost any age and in most any condition.

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