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Heal Back Pain
The movement, partner, and touch lessons experienced in Spinal Awareness programs help you learn how to use yourself in new ways that improve the pain condition of your lower back.
Carpal Tunnel Pain
With Spinal and Skeletal Awareness, we learn that the problems in the wrist are reflected in tightness in the shoulders, stiffness in the whole spine, tension in the hips, holding in the chest...
Healing Movements
We are meant to move. Our bodies need certain movements to adjust, balance, and tune themselves. In Spinal Awareness we use movement.
Increase Your Healing Possibilities.
flowing muscles
In Spinal Awareness Workshops and Trainings, you will learn to use your muscles in easier, lighter, and more energized ways. A fun, safe environment is created where you relax and experience the connection of your muscles to your living skeleton.

Spinal Awareness Programs teach you how you can better connect your muscles with your skeleton, nervous system, and more of the energies around you and in you. Lessons are presented which enable you to learn ways to relax, energize and re-experience the use of your muscles. You can begin a healthier, more vital life. The sessions are enjoyable, stimulating, and allow you to find ways of improving even long-term problems and limitations.

It is the organization of your skeleton that gives you your strength to move and work. You muscles move your bones in to position, enabling your skeleton to hold your weight.


In Spinal Awareness Workshops you find ways of allowing your muscles to give up part of their work to connect better to the power of your living skeleton.

Most people in our culture think mostly of their muscles, if they pay attention to their body at all. People exercise to strengthen, build-up their muscles. Many pay attention to shortening them, with little attention to lengthening them. Some will stretch them, which is a whole other matter.

Spinal Awareness Programs will provide you with happier muscles as well as being very enjoyable and fun. The movements, partner lessons, and hands-on training will give you an entire new experience of your muscles. You will experience your living skeleton. Spinal Awareness Energy Awareness lessons will reconnect you to the abundant, natural energies that exist around you.

You will be revitalized.

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