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Yoga Pain
From Spinal Awareness and Skeletal Awareness you will learn how to view your pain limitations in Yoga not just as problems in the muscles, but difficulties arising from you not thinking about what your bones are doing in each position.
Healing Touch
With soft, sensitive touch Spinal Awareness has the focus initially around the spinal column. This work is painless, pleasant with never the attempt to push, stretch, crack, break-up, or otherwise manipulate the spine.
Lower Back Pain
The movement, partner, and touch lessons experienced in Spinal Awareness programs help you learn how to use yourself in new ways that improve the pain condition of your lower back.
These Workshops Help Heal Your Neck Pain.

rolling movement to relax neck Spinal Awareness Workshops and Trainings give you immediate tools to learn how to heal even severe neck pain. The method is quite fun and playful while being amazingly effective.

For many people, the neck is an area of considerable trouble either being in pain or stiff. Composed of the smallest of the spinal vertebrae, the neck is one of the most vulnerable areas of our body.

Because we have been educated to think of the body as a series of parts, there is often a misunderstanding that the neck is in some way not part of the back. It is the upper end of the spine. Many times, I have asked a client if they are having any trouble with their back, and they say no. Then they tell me that they are having trouble in their neck. The neck and the spine are one.

Everything is connected to everything.

The neck connects the spine, our whole body, directly to the head. It is in the head that many of our primary senses for orienting us in space are located. Our eyes, ears, and nose turn whatever way as necessary. These movements transmit to the whole body the necessary signals to prepare us for movement. For example, we see someone on a bicycle heading to collide with us. The vision stimulates us to move, and, hopefully, we move out of danger.
Soft touch to relax the neck

One of the most common injuries in modern society is whiplash. Many accident victims find themselves with this painful problem. As the relatively small neck vertebrae are at the end of the spine with a heavy head balanced on top, a heavy impact causes the head and neck to snap. As most people have a body that is tense, a spine that has its muscles tight, especially in the neck, these muscles are strained and tense even more. The impact, also, tends to disorganize the neck vertebrae even more, tightening already tense muscles.healing touch for neck pain help

The traumatized muscles of the neck, push together and compress the vertebrae of the neck more than is usual. As the neck is just one part of the spine and sets the tonal quality of the whole body, the whole body tenses even more, and the big muscles of the body tighten and contribute to the overall tensing. The balance of the spinal column is destroyed.

This compression leads to the damaging of the soft tissue of the neck, the nerves and, often, the discs that lie between the spinal vertebrae. The neck pain can be immediate, or show up a few days later. This is why, at first, the victim may not notice a severe problem with their neck. With time, this overall tightening and disorganization often leads to neck pain, loss of movement in the neck or elsewhere in the body.

Spinal Awareness is designed to allow the victim of whiplash pain to begin to find ways of relieving this tightening and compensation in their body. The Individual Sessions remind the muscles of the body begin to relax, to lengthen. This reduces the compression in the joints, between the vertebrae, and allows the body to begin to heal.

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