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Skeletal Awareness
Skeletal Awareness is a way of getting in touch with an important part of ourselves, our Skeleton. Most people if they thing of their body, they think of the tissues: the muscles, skin…the flesh of the body.
Lower Back Pain
If we are unaware of the spine..the body will be stiff and vulnerable to pain and injury… The movement, partner, and touch lessons experienced in Spinal Awareness programs help you learn how to use yourself in new ways that improve the condition of your lower back pain.
Stress Relief
With Spinal Awareness, the muscles of our body relax, our breath becomes easier, and our skeleton's ease of movement increases.. we can begin to balance the negative effects of stress. The movement, touch and group experiences of Spinal Awareness are nourishing and fun.
You Can Learn How to Heal Most Hip Pain-Sciatic Conditions.

Spinal and Skeletal Awareness Workshops provide immediate movement and touch alternatives allowing you to begin to learn how you can reverse the situation which led to the hip pain problem. You will learn how to help your self as well as others. You will move with the your whole body, learning to relax as your skeleton to reorganizes. Hip pain and stiffness will often begin to heal quickly.

Hip pain can be directly connected to the spine. The lower vertebrae help for sciatica are inevitably compressed, twisted, disorganized in these conditions. They impinge on the nerves around them creating the pain and loss of movement. Even with conditions where there is deterioration in the bones of the hip, the vertebrae are involved and need to be worked with. Again the spinal column, the whole body, needs to be lengthened and realigned.

is an example of a pain condition that often involves the disorganization and compression of the lower spine. The chronic compression of the vertebrae and the leg bones in the hip joint from lack of Skeletal Awareness can lead to extreme sciatic pain and destruction in the spinal column and hip.

Spinal Awareness Workshops and Trainings are fun, enervating ways to heal your hip and radiating pain.

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