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Better Energy
The Energy Body is a part of us that gives us health and life. We can have a skeleton, muscles, and a nervous system and be dead. The Energy Body is a vital component of Spinal Awareness.
Stress Relief
With Spinal Awareness, the muscles of our body relax, our breath becomes easier, and our skeleton's ease of movement increases... we can begin to balance the negative effects of stress. The movement, touch and group experiences of Spinal Awareness are nourishing and fun
Whiplash Pain
Spinal Awareness is designed to allow the victim of a whiplash to begin to find ways of relieving this tightening and compensation in their body. The Individual Sessions remind the muscles of the body begin to relax, to lengthen.
Ancient Secrets of Energy and Health.

Silat is a widespread sport in Indonesia. It applies to a whole field of studying much as the term "bodywork" refers to so many different approaches.

movements to see inside yourself Spinal Awareness has been highly influenced and inspired by collaborations with The White Crane Silat School of Bogor, Indonesia especially its chapters in Bali. PGB Bangau Putih as it is known in Indonesia is a school founded by the legendary Suhu Subur Rahardja. It is based on an Indonesian adaptation of ancient Tibetan, Taoist, Chinese, and Balinese movement and energetic science as well as other Indonesian Silat practices.

Silat movements strengthen the physical body. They also stimulate and improve the energetic aspects of personal health.

It can be used as a movement equivalent to Taoist and Chinese medicine. It has been the design of one of the branches in Bali to focus more on the health aspects of this unusual system of movement rather than the martial.

White Crane Silat is a very extensive system. If we consider Tai Chi to be a long form, Silat has a numerous long forms. These forms vary from soft forms such as Tai Chi to hard forms such as Kung Fu.

The Silat movements are very beautiful and often take on the inspiration of nature. There are movements of the crane, monkey, snake, dragon, tiger, buffalo, butterfly, bamboo, wind, and so on. In addition, there is a whole series of movements known as Women's Movements. These movements were created by women for women.

Silat is a very individual training. We all need different things to improve. Silat is taught to deal with the particular student, to bring out and strengthen different aspects and energies of each of us.

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