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Lower Back Pain
One of the most common problem areas for most people is pain in the lower back. It is here that the spinal column joins the pelvis connecting the back to the hips and legs...The movement, partner, and touch lessons experienced in Spinal Awareness programs help you learn how to use yourself in new ways that improve the pain condition of your lower back.
Sciatica is an example of a pain condition that often involves the disorganization and compression of the lower spine; By working with the whole body, getting it to relax and the skeleton to reorganize, this pain condition will often begin to heal.
Shoulder Pain
Difficulties with shoulder pain need to be considered in reference to the spine. If the vertebrae of the upper spine are twisted, or compressed together, pain can reflect in the shoulder.
Be Aware of Your Skeleton and Prevent Pain.

the skeleton inside you
Spinal Awareness Workshops and Trainings teach you to become aware of your living skeleton. You will experience new ways of moving that are easier, lighter, more in tune with allowing you to enjoy your body more. Spinal Awareness is learned quickly. We all have a spine already. It is only that we have forgotten how to listen to this part of ourselves. These fun, lively programs are effective for people of any age, and most any physical condition.

Most people if they think of their body, they think of the tissues: the muscles, skin...the flesh of the body. If they think of the skeleton, it is in a context of death to be dealt with seriously or jokingly.

We are meant to be aware of our skeletons. If you are not, you very well may have increased tension, stress, and pain.


Your skeleton is composed of a number of moving parts that work together to enable us to move. By not being aware of your bones, you will tend to be stiff and unaware of pain problems that arise due to the misuse and misalignment in your skeleton.

The majority of the pain conditions discussed in this web site involve a misalignment of the skeleton, muscles, and nervous system. Instead of our skeletons correctly handling the weight of the body, the stresses go into the soft tissue, muscles, nerves, whatever. The misaligned bones in our own body, begins to tear and injure the tissues, nerves, and discs. All the joints can begin to deteriorate. Pain and lack of mobility is usually the result.

Spinal Awareness Programs teach you to be aware of and use your skeleton in ways that improve you immediately. If we become aware of our bones, we can find ways of moving to reduce our pain, tension and stress. With continued use of the techniques taught in Spinal Awareness programs even your long-term pain conditions begin to diminish and often heal.

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