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Remember Your Bones
The skeleton is the anti-gravity mechanism of the body. By studying our own skeleton, we can find the limits to our own movements.
Neck Pain
For many people, the neck is an area of considerable trouble either being in pain or stiff. Composed of the smallest of the spinal vertebrae, the neck is one of the most vulnerable areas of our body.
Fun With Others
Partner lessons expand the awareness and sensitivities of each participant...A safe field is encouraged and created within the group which supports learning, freedom of movement, and healing.

You Can Trade Your Energy for Spinal Awareness.

Esalen Work Scholar Program

January 19 - February 16, 2014

Healing with Humor: An In-Depth Experience in Spinal Awareness -- Patrick Douce Silat inspired movements for health

Patrick Douce will lead an in-depth experience of Spinal Awareness, a program of health and healing (with humor). Spinal Awareness is a way of learning that improves body awareness, flexibility, posture, and most chronic and acute conditions of the body. Taught with movement, touch, and group interaction, it is based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais, Taoist-Chinese-Indonesian martial art, and the Esalen experience.

Spinal Awareness emphasizes learning how to move in ways that stimulate your awareness and support the health of your own body. Lessons inspired by Indonesian Silat will also be used to stimulate the energy body, effecting internal health and increasing energy. Students will participate in floor exercises that organize and integrate the spinal column, and standing lessons that improve better balance and fluidity.

The course will include hands-on lessons, safe and noninvasive, to greatly speed improvements. Fun partner lessons will be intermixed to help bring about not only freedom in the body but a return to the childlike energy essential to us all.
Soft non-invasive touch for Spinal Awareness
For more information: Esalen Work Scholar Program

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