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Skeletal Awareness is a way of getting in touch with an important part of ourselves, our Skeleton. Most people if they thing of their body, they think of the tissues: the muscles, skin, the flesh of the body.
With touch the process of improvement can be speeded up tremendously. With soft, sensitive touch Spinal Awareness has the focus initially around the spinal column. This work is painless, pleasant with never the attempt to push, stretch, crack, break-up, or otherwise manipulate the spine.
Sciatica is an example of a condition that often involves the disorganization and compression of the lower spine. By working with the whole body, getting it to relax and the skeleton to reorganize, this condition will often begin to heal.
Relaxing, Fun, Programs to Relieve Stress.

Spinal Awareness Workshops and Trainings are very effective in relieving stress. The techniques are fun, stimulating, and you relax as you learn to heal. Stress is a natural part of our lives. It is how we deal with it that is of the greatest importance to our sanity and over-all physical well-being. In Spinal Awareness Programs you learn new ways of moving and getting in touch with yourself and others that help you balance stress and enjoy your life more.

relax in healing Big Sur At times of unusual stress, the muscles of your body tense more, the your skeleton becomes increasingly restricted, your breath changes, and numerous other negative conditions in ourselves are intensified. By using the process you will experience with Spinal Awareness, your muscles relax, your breath becomes easier, and your skeleton's ease of movement increases.

The common effects of stress often shut-down our bodies. By doing something to relax, soften, enliven, and learn about ourselves, we can begin to balance the negative effects of stress. The movement, touch and group experiences of Spinal Awareness are nourishing and fun.

In Spinal Awareness complete freedom is given to each of you to join or leave the class at any time. You are encouraged to pay attention to your true limits and needs. You are given the opportunity to do whatever it is that is necessary for you to slow down, learn and give yourself the time to return to your improved self.

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