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Within each person lies a part that wants to grow, to change, to improve. Spinal Awareness works in such a way to contact this part of the individual. With touch suggestions allow the muscles along the spine to re balance.
Whiplash Pain
Spinal Awareness is designed to allow the victim of whiplash pain to begin to find ways of relieving this tightening and compensation in their body. The Individual Sessions remind the muscles of the body begin to relax, to lengthen.
Sciatica is an example of a pain condition that often involves the disorganization and compression of the lower spine. By working with the whole body, getting it to relax and the skeleton to reorganize, this condition will often begin to heal.

These Programs Even Help Stroke Improvement.


Key to the understanding of Spinal Awareness is the idea that our bodies have the innate ability to heal. As with many problem conditions, there are ways to stimulate the healing potential inside ourselves.

In stroke, the damaged areas of the brain are one thing. The overall confusion in the undamaged cells is another. With the processes used in Spinal Awareness, other nerves can often be stimulated to take over the functions of the injured areas of the brain. In Spinal Awareness we learn that there is a tremendous overlap in the design of our bodies. We can learn how to compensate for our limitations and continue to improve.

With time and skilled attention, even severe stroke conditions may be assisted.

The brain is not just in our head. it is everywhere in our bodies. The whole body can be used to encourage improved health in whatever function is impaired. The touch techniques used in Spinal Awareness are often very effective in Stroke victims when used by highly-trained individuals. In mild stroke conditions, the Spinal Awareness programs can be of great assistance for relearning lost abilities.

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