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Remember your Bones
Skeletal Awareness is a way of getting in touch with an important part of ourselves, our Skeleton...If we become aware of our bones, we can find ways of moving to reduce pain, tension and stress. Spinal Awareness programs teach you how to improve many acute and long-term pain conditions.
Whiplash Pain
Spinal Awareness is designed to allow the victim of a whiplash pain to begin to find ways of relieving this tightening and compensation in their body. The Individual Sessions remind the muscles of the body begin to relax, to lengthen. .
Lower Back Pain
In the mind's eye of the average person, there is little or no Spinal Awareness of this region. The movement, partner, and touch lessons experienced in Spinal Awareness programs help you learn how to use yourself in new ways that improve the condition of your lower back.
Soft, Non-Invasive Touch Awakens You.

Spinal Awareness Programs are extremely effective by the use of touch to teach as well as to heal. This light, safe, non-invasive touch helps you to remember the deepest healing possibilities that exist within each of us.

With touch the process of improvement can be speeded up tremendously. With soft, sensitive touch Spinal Awareness has the focus initially around your spinal column. This work is painless, pleasant with never the attempt to push, stretch, crack, break-up, or otherwise manipulate your spine. soft attunement

Relying on the human body's own, innate intelligence, in Spinal Awareness the touch is light, delicate, performed in such a way as to not trigger protective your defenses but to convey relaxing suggestions to the deepest parts of you.

In Spinal Awareness Workshops and Trainings we allow the body to change, not demand and force you to change. Your body is not manipulated with the touch lessons of Spinal Awareness. You are softly touched and your body moves and changes

Within each of us lies a part that wants to grow, to change, to improve. Spinal Awareness works in such a way to help you get in contact with this healing part of ourselves.

Through touch, suggestions are made which allow the muscles along your spine to re balance and reach a state of more equal tonus, more balanced muscle tension.

Spinal Awareness uses movement and touch to stimulate each of your vertebrae, some long immobile, to begin to work together in an improved way as they are designed to do.

Your chest, shoulders, hips, arms, legs, hands, feet, and head are all touched to allow them to come into a new state of interconnection with the your spine and each other.

With the skilled sensitivity of the touch used, your nervous system opens to suggestions, being reminded as to the fluidity and healing possibilities of our bodies.

All sessions are done through normal clothing.

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