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Group Experience
In the movement parts of the techniques, partner lessons expand the awareness and sensitivities of each participant. A safe field is encouraged and created within the group which supports learning, freedom of movement, and healing.
Esalen Institute
Esalen is a very unusual healing environment. The great natural magic of its land is mixed with a ever-changing schedule of workshops.
Skeletal Awareness
Skeletal Awareness is a way of getting in touch with an important part of ourselves, our Skeleton...If we become aware of our bones, we can find ways of moving to reduce tension and stress. Spinal Awareness programs teach you how to improve many acute and long-term conditions.

Enjoy The Big Sur Coast, Have Fun and Improve Your Health.

Esalen Work Scholar Program

The Esalen Work Scholar Program offers a unique environment to experience Spinal Awareness. Located on the cliffs over the Pacific Ocean in spectacular Big Sur, California, Esalen is a place known world-wide for its natural energies and beauty. Participants are brought into the actual work force of Esalen Institute. Working 32 hours a week, students have many afternoon and evening classes and can attend numerous ongoing Esalen community groups.

Participation in this in-depth program is limited. Most classes fill quickly so advance reservations are recommended.

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